The Gulf Meteor approach to 


Unlike the physical space, when you build a website, it's easy to find ways to optimise and improve its function and design

There are dozens of blogs, tips, sites, and guides that help you create a better website. Even after it's done, you can find ways to improve it constantly.

All that is possible because we can track the live websites and improve them in real-time

These analytics don't only help with creating a better experience, they help sell.

That doesn't happen in the physical space. (We don't like that)

We are able to create tests in closed environments and run experiments in controlled settings, but not track behaviour the way we do online. This leads to a lot of assumptions and speculation with very little evolution for communication, be it inside or outside of the store. 

Without the live data, we can't create real-time reactions and interactions. So we spend money creating digital billboards that act like printed ones and charge based on footfall.

Apparently, It doesn't matter whether anyone read them, as long as they passed through that general area.

We apply that logic in stores and at the shelf because of historical correlations between shelf space and off-take. 

Wouldn't it be easier if we could create live A/B tests of all those assumptions in stores with actual shoppers?

So, we set up a team of behavioural analysts and developers with the purpose of creating a research system that is live, anonymous, and easy to install in most situations, whether in or out of the store. 

The first step is to understand how people react to communication.

Fully Anonymous.

Our analytics are clear, but our data collection is fully anonymous.

Flow Analysis

We don't Just Track Faces

We are able to track customer counts, stop areas, pathing, and dwell areas so that we create a solid image of customer journeys within the space.

The second step was to link that analysis to the overall journey.

Because Purchase Decisions Happen Everywhere

So take a minute to imagine how much better your retail communication would be if you could log onto our dashboard with live insights similar to google analytics, but for physical ads.

Our dashboard gives you that information live to your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Our analytics team helps you use it to take decisions.

Since our tools are small and adaptable, we are able to analyse and optimise any setting; be it a store, a shelf, or a digital billboard.

The real world becomes our lab.

The research is only the beginning. Using digital screens, we can also create reactive messaging that enables sales.

We can link the research tools to the screens so that our content management system learns which messages are more effective by demographic breakdown. That way, the most effective ad for that target audience gets displayed.


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